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  • What sizes are available?
    Prints are available in either A4 or A3 size. Custom sizes aren't currently on offer.
  • Do the prints come with a white border?
    They are printed right up to the edge of the paper, but many feature a coloured border as part of the design. A few designs have a 'ragged edge' white border.
  • How are they packaged?
    Prints are supplied unmounted so you can choose exactly how you wish to frame them, packaged with a sturdy hardboard backing and wrapped in cellophane for protection. Multiple prints of the same size will normally be layered with tissue paper in a single package, but if you require them individually packaged (e.g. if you want one for yourself and one to give as a gift) just leave me a message using the "Add a note" function at the checkout page and I'll sort it out. A4 prints sent through the post are additionally protected in a hardback envelope. A3 prints are wrapped in tissue and rolled in a tube for postage.
  • Can I buy a digital download to print myself?
    Only physical prints from the shop are available. The designs are covered by strict copyright laws and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any way.
  • Do you do commissions?
    Sure! A range of options is available. Some prints can have the text or aircraft markings customised for a small additional charge. You can also commission a unique design featuring your own aircraft. Prices for these start at £100 - please get in touch if you'd like to know more.
  • Will you do a poster for my flying club?
    It's highly likely that I'm already thinking about it! Why not send me a suggestion using the contact form - if there is enough interest, I'll produce a design featuring your club which will be available for general sale through the shop. I can't guarantee how long it will take, but it's a cheaper option than a commission, especially if several club members are interested.
  • What process do you use to make these? Isn't it all computer generated?
    Every design starts off as a pencil drawing on real paper! This is then scanned and 'painted' by hand using a tablet and pen in Clip Studio, which allows me to emulate the gouache painting style of classic travel posters. The whole process takes several hours. Borders and text are added in Adobe Illustrator. The finished design is then printed using a professional quality art printer, individually signed and carefully packaged.
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